Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reading Aloud is Now a Chore

It has become too challenging to find time to read aloud as a family. With the kids being nearly 11 and just 8 they are busy beavers and I'm running around trying to get a million things done each day. I've got to figure out how to build family reading time into our schedule. The kids are also reaching the point where they'll complain about reading time. Wasn't it just yesterday that they begged for me to read them same story 5 times in a row? I do find that once we get started they become interested and want me to keep going. How do we build family reading time into a busy school/work/activity/sleep schedule? Any ideas?

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Nayda56 said...

My name is Nayda56 (not really!) and I am a Year 7. I live in Australia. I remembe rthe days when I could just lie down in bed and have Mum or Dad read me a story. You can try setting up a plan like having 3 days of the week to read after dinner and vise versa. Hopefully your kids will find this helpfull. Maybe you keep me up to date with the issues you post up. Just comment on my blog at: http://nayda56.edublogs.org/
Bye for now, Nayda56 :P